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At Walls to Workstations (W2W) we understand what it takes to create great interior spaces. We are proud to be recognised as a Great Place to Work, as we have worked hard to secure the trust of all stakeholders since operations commenced in 1994. Work Space Life changes; apace. Our technology-enabled, work life evolution has accelerated in response to the recent global pandemic. During this time technology, not only, enabled a productive retreat from our offices and cities, it also enabled a ‘warp speed’ response to the coronavirus.

These events have shone a light on society, work and the individual. When considered in conjunction with recent social and geopolitical changes the importance of building sustainable, resilient economic and supply chain models emerges as a priority. In turn, we must review and evaluate our own business models for sustainability.

As a (re)new(ed) focus on neighbourhood and community emerges within Corporate Real Estate development, we reflect on the long-term value of the office – what makes it effective? Why do we go there? Blended working arrangements appear favoured by most now that technology has been proven to support virtual working life. For employees the office provides a place for face-to-face interactions that technology struggles to replicate, such as social interaction, mentoring and managing. As we re-evaluate the shape and arrangement of our workspaces, and the neighbourhoods therein, we must consider how we will use them safely and effectively.

The office is dead, long live the office!

W2W understands effective spaces, whether for working or living, and provides a range of solutions from each of its Divisions - Glazing, Furniture, Contract Flooring and Acoustics.

We include an exciting new furniture brand from Irish Company, GreyFox Design adopting a human centric approach to product development and providing agile, untethered workspace solutions for a changed world. Optima’s new Adaptable Meeting Room (AMR) provides a high performance, adaptable option for enclosed spaces to support collaborative or focus work. Shaw Contract Flooring are busily consolidating their ‘beach head’ in Europe at their facility in Scotland and have launched several new locally manufactured carpet tile designs from there, including Auxilary, District and Rapid Select.

We must continue to adapt and respond to the needs of our clients and society. We recognise the challenges we face with the depletion of natural resources and climate change and we commit ourselves to continually improve how we address these matters. Trust underpins resilience - we will continue to work to earn your trust as we address these challenges together.

Vision: To enhance human expression with great interior solutions!

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