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SM QUARTZ supply Italian quartz worktops, quartz flooring, quartz indoor wall cladding, quartz bath vanities and quartz shower walls.

The beauty and excellence of Italian design and craftsmanship in SM QUARTZ engineered stone surfaces are unmatched.

Our collection of colours range from the warmest hues to the most vivid shades ensuring all design tastes are catered for creating a harmony in domestic and commercial ambiences. Although predominately used in kitchen worktops, the application for SM QUARTZ is endless.

With a brand new stone studio opened in Sandyford, Dublin, and a range of our quartz materials and colourson display, in a network of showrooms rooms throughout Ireland, we have endeavoured to make the experience of selecting the right quartz for your application as easy as possible.

We all want the best for our home, because it says a lot about us. Surfaces that are durable, functional, safe and reliable are must haves. SM QUARTZ high quality surfaces are made from carefully selected quartz sands, and they have been developed for a wide range of applications: not only exquisite kitchen countertops and vanities, but flooring, indoor wall cladding, bath vanities and shower walls and many others. Suitable for everyday use, SM QUARTZ surfaces are scratch and impact resistant, acid resistant and easy to maintain. Durable and made to last, they help maintain the quality of every indoor environment.

Thanks to the expertise at our Santa Margheritamanufacturing plant outside Verona, Italy, SM QUARTZ represents the best, and most up to date, selection of quartz materials, well-known throughout the world as THE ORIGINAL ITALIAN SURFACE.

This expression perfectly identify the values that SM QUARTZ has believed in since it was launched:

ORIGINAL to underline how SM QUARTZ is constantly researching and presenting new materials and styles, to offer the Irish market an original, refined quartz product in a wide range of colours and exclusive finishes.

ITALIAN Made in Italy design and architecture is famous throughout the world for its excellence and unique style, which is why at SM QUARTZ we have always paid scrupulous attention to product quality, innovation and reliability.

SURFACE because SM QUARTZ constantly develops new and exciting quartz finishes, which respond to all their clients' needs with numerous solutions to cover and decorate anything from a single home kitchen to large public works.

SM Quartz

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