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Nicholas O'Dwyer Ltd
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Nicholas O'Dwyer Ltd is one of the most respected Consulting Engineering practicesin Ireland today, providing water engineering, environmental engineering and civil and structural engineering services to public and private sector clients alike.

Since 2020 we’ve been part of the RSK group which is a global collection of over 150 companies with over 8,000 employees providing environmental and engineering services throughout the world .

The context for the work we do is infrastructure. Infrastructure has always been used totransform nature to meet the goals of human societies. The delivery of excellent infrastructure assets - working with nature to meet the goals of human societies - isa global need. The major challenges ahead are those of providing infrastructure foran increased world population and, while doing that, of maintaining a sustainable environment in the face of climate change.

We are an Irish based company with worldwide ambition. We are committed to be the best partner in solving, in a sustainable way, the wide range of exciting and challenging problems the provision and management of assets presents. Our service delivery is results focused and is based on the direct involvement of our senior management team who respond to client requirements and adapt the service to meet these requirements. In everything we do we strive to innovate so that we deliver client outcomes smarter, better and faster.How we deliver:We give precedence to being adaptable and agile in responding to our Client's needs.Our senior management team are directly involved with each client and each project we deliver giving an ease of access to decision makers. We go far beyond compliance with regulations, providing engineering and environmental solutions that are innovative and value-drive. We have a strong focus on delivering the service to the client's programme. We value partnership with both clients and fellow engineers and work collaboratively to deliver real synergies.

In terms of our size and scope, we have completed solo projects of up to €150 million, while partnership ventures have seen us involved incontracts worth over €600 million.

Apart from being successful in our own right, we have also partnered with some of the biggest and most respected names in global engineering, providing particular technical expertise or knowledge of particular geographical work environments.

Our Irish operations involve water, wastewater, climate resilience, civil and structural engineering work, renewables and environment and planning services for Government and State Organisations. On the International front, we focus on donorfunded development projects in the fields of water supply, wastewater treatment, renewables, flood protection, highways and bridges. We have worked with the vast majority of the leading global funding agencies. We also have a substantial portfolio of European Development Fund experience with a growing portfolio of successful projects being completed worldwide over the last twenty-five years.

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