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Mannok is one of the UK and Ireland’s most diverse and experienced manufacturers of construction products, producing a wide range of premium building materials including high-performance PIR and EPS insulation, aircrete thermal blocks, cement, rooftiles and precast concrete products.

With an almost fifty year heritage, the Mannok name was introduced in 2020 when the company rebranded from Quinn, reinforcing our commitment to our people, our communities and our customers.

Manufacturing and service excellence coupled with a passion for quality is at the core of our business and our aim is to provide an unrivalled technical support to architects, designers, engineers, contractors and building owners.

We are constantly evolving through technical innovation, and are now at the forefront of providing pioneering, cost-effective construction solutions designed to meet the needs of any construction project.

With a core philosophy of producing high quality products and offering first rate service at competitive prices, we are committed to our employees and our customers and we are proud to be showcasing best practice in manufacturing for the UK, Ireland and beyond.

Precast Concrete Products

Mannok offer a range of prestressed concrete products including strong and durable precast hollow core flooring, stairs and landings, balconies and terraces and beams and columns. Mannok provide a full service offering from custom design through to installation, with full BIM capabilities to deliver quality precast products for projects of any scale.

  • Hollowcore Flooring
  • Stairs and Landings
  • Balconies and Terraces
  • Beams and Columns

PIR Insulation

  • Mannok Therm Floor / MF
  • Mannok Therm Wall / MW
  • Mannok Therm Cavity / MC
  • Mannok IsoShield (Full Fill)
  • Mannok IsoFrame
  • Mannok Therm Laminate-Foil / MLF
  • Mannok Therm Laminate-Kraft / MLK
  • Mannok Therm Roof / MR
  • Mannok Therm EASI-DORM
  • Mannok Therm Roof / MFR-FFR
  • Mannok Therm Roof / MFR-GFR
  • Mannok Therm Roof / MFR-DPFR
  • Mannok Therm Roof / MFR-PLY

Roof Tiles

Mannok offer a range of traditional and contemporary style concrete roof and ridge tiles including: Western Slate, Locherne, Rathmore and Devenish. With outstanding quality, character and style, our rooftiles are available in a range of colour options and textures, including a variety of red and black tones to suit every design application in domestic and commercial builds.

  • Western Slate
  • Locherne
  • Rathmore
  • Devenish
  • Half Round Ridge
  • Universal Angle Ridge
  • Accessories


Mannok produce the highest quality bulk and bagged cement products which are suitable for a range of applications. Bagged cement products include General Purpose, Master Grade and Premium Grade cements, which are all available in paper or weatherproof plastic packaging.

  • General Purpose
  • Premium Grade
  • Master Grade
  • CEM I Bulk Cement - CEM1/42.5R
  • CEM 1 Bulk Cement - CEM 1/52.5R
  • CEM II Bulk Cement - CEM 11/A-L 42.5N

Aircrete Blocks

Mannok supply high performance lightweight thermal blocks delivering up to 10x superior thermal performance with compressive strengths up to 10.4N/mm2 (Category 2). Mannok's aircrete blocks are the perfect solution to thermal bridging issues, and are suitable for use in foundations, walls, coursing units and thin joint masonry systems.

  • Mannok Aircrete High Ten
  • Mannok Aircrete Seven
  • Mannok Aircrete Standard
  • Mannok Aircrete Super
  • Mannok Aircrete Coursing Units
  • Mannok Aircrete Foundation Blocks

EPS Insulation

Mannok EPS insulation products are suitable for floor, roof and cavity wall insulation in commercial, industrial and domestic buildings. Mannok EPS is also used in many other applications including void formers for bridge decks, flotation units for marinas, packaging and lightweight fill for road construction.

  • EPS 70
  • EPS 100
  • EPS 150
  • EPS 200
  • EPS Pearl 70
  • EPS Pearl 100

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