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Diamond Core Drilling

Smooth, extremely accurate holes with no dust or vibration, for a variety of applications Diamond drilling through a range of materials including masonry, reinforced concrete, granite, tiles etc. Applications include holes for services, core sampling for test purposes, holes through structures for tie bar strengthening etc. Vertical, horizontal and angle grinding Hole diameters from 12mm upwards! special non-standard diameters also available Latest diamond drilling technology using electric, hydraulic or pneumatic powered drill rigs

Diamond Floor Sawing

Applications include saw cutting of expansion joints, cutting break-lines for trench excavation leaving minimum reinstatement required, sawing large opening in floor slabs etc. Petrol and Diesel floor sawing machines for outdoor use Electric floor sawing machines for when low noise and fume free sawing is required in sensitive areas Precision concrete sawing in virtually any situation

Diamond Wall Sawing

Wall sawing is a fast and accurate solution for cutting openings in reinforced concrete, brick and masonry, using the latest technology. Ideal for structural alterations including window and door openings, removal of large sections of slab, controlled demolitions etc. Dust & Vibration free wall sawing Smooth clean cut finish generated precisely where required, including flush cutting to existing structures

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