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Crossflow is a solutions provider offering full technical support from supply and installation through to commissioning across the whole facet of the construction and facilities industry throughout Ireland & the UK.

Air Conditioning
Established in 1972, Crossflow’s Air Conditioning division can tap into over 40 years of technical expertise. Crossflow specialise in the installation, commissioning, service and maintenance of a wide variety of Air Conditioning equipment, operating at a standard second to none. Crossflow Air Conditioning offer premium Air Conditioning equipment from the global industries’ leading suppliers. Modern commercial, residential and industrial buildings demand the need for high quality indoor air which can provided through an adequate ventilation system. Whether we are working in an industrial setting, on commercial or residential buildings, within educational institutions or medical facilities, we ensure that our attention to detail from design and product selection to installation and maintenance is approached with the highest of standards to meet the client’s demands in full.

Crossflow Mechanical Smoke Extract Shaft Ventilation Systems
Crossflow have become the market leaders in Ireland for Mechanical Smoke Extract Systems for the protection of fire-fighting lobbies. Our Mechanical Smoke Extract Shaft Ventilation Systems in stairwell lobbies and corridors are designed to provide equivalence to the BRE shaft and hence meet the recommendations of ADB, TGD-B 2006 reprinted 2020 edition, BS 9999: 2017 for ventilation of firefighting shafts, BS 9991 2015 “Fire safety in the design, management and use of residential buildings-code of practice” and the Smoke Control Association 2020 “Guidance on Smoke Control to Common Escape Routes in Apartment Buildings (Flats & Maisonettes)” We work closely with Fire Consultants, Consultant Engineers, Architects and Project Design Teams to provide engineered solutions for the protection of fire-fighting smoke shafts that comply with current building regulations by providing a safe evacuation phase and tenable conditions for firefighters. We have presented our IEI certified CPD on Mechanical Smoke Extract Shafts to the Dublin Fire Brigade, the IEI Fire and Safety Division, Fire Consultants and Consultant Engineers and we continuously offer CPD presentations to our clients to provide the necessary design information that ensures efficient and compliant design parameters are meet and also to minimise costs. All our designs are proven via CFD analysis that are vital for Fire Cert Application approval.

Car Park Ventilation
Together, both Crossflow and HC PS can provide a unique service in car park ventilation from architectural design stage, through to supply, installation and commissioning of the entire system. Crossflow’s engineers work closely with fire consultants, consultant engineers and mechanical/electrical contractors to provide a safe, economical and efficient car park ventilation system that meets all the necessary requirements of the local fire authority. Crossflow/HC PS are proud to introduce the IDV Induction Fan that has been developed to bring a new and unique design to car park ventilation systems.

Computational Fluid Dynamics 
Simulations Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) is a tool to analyse and visualise 3 dimensional fluid and energy flows. It is used to either verify or optimize the performance of a system or product. We use it for various research objectives and markets. You can think of smoke development in and around buildings, air flow in data rooms, cooling tower short circuit analyses, wind hindrance around buildings, comfort in atria, and much more!

Architectural Louvres
Crossflow are market leaders in the design, supply and installation of ventilation louvres in the Irish construction industry. We manufacture a wide range of ventilation louvres that provide a combination of effective weatherability and airflow that is unsurpassed in the industry. Our Louvres are the most aerodynamically efficient louvres available on the present market that provide maximum coefficient free area. The construction of the louvre comes in five uniquely designed components, blade, mullions, clipping system, casements and fixing brackets. Once installed, the louvres are virtually maintenance free, eliminating the need for costly maintenance contracts. Our louvres are available in various sizes from 50mm, 75mm, and 100mm blades to 140mm screening louvre. For maximum weatherability while maintaining free airflow, we suggest the High Performance CLS 50 HP louvre. This louvre allows us to achieve a nominal free area of 52%, while still maintaining a Class A rating. Crossflow also provide an Acoustic Louvre which is manufactured to achieve noise reduction, while maintaining the requirement for natural ventilation. All louvres are powdercoated to any RAL or BS colour and can also be anodised to BS 3987-AA25. We also provide a Decral finish effect, coated onto the aluminium producing a startlingly accurate wood or marble effect at a fraction of the real cost of these materials and still carries a 25 year guarantee.

Acoustic Louvres 
The Crossflow ALS (CALS) range is a fabricated acoustic louvre designed for commercial projects where reduction in sound transmission is required whilst maintaining weathered ventilation. The CALS louvre is suitable for all applications and can be both vertically and horizontally mounted into pre-formed structural opes. The modular units can be manufactured to suit specific dimensions on site. Each louvre blade is filled with a sound absorption mineral wool to achieve the required acoustic performance. They are quick to install with all fixings being grade A4 stainless steel and are virtually maintenance free.

Louvred Windows 

The attraction of Louvred Windows is plain to see: they can be used in a wide variety of applications such as: Natural Ventilation Smoke and Heat Venting Controlled Air Conditioning.

Brise Soleil & Solar
Shading Crossflow has been at the forefront of the design, supply and Installation of specialist Brise Soleil & Solar Shading solutions in Ireland over the past 10 years. We are experts in designing solutions that prevent solar heat gain, as well as providing external Architectural features to building facades. Solar heat gain and in turn Solar Shading has become an important environmental and financial design issue with the increasing use of glass within architecture. The benefits of Solar Shading are critical in the control of solar heat gain, which can significantly reduce a buildings energy costs by reducing or even eliminating the requirement of air-conditioning when used in conjunction with natural or passive ventilation. Our Solar Shading is manufactured from aluminum alloy and can be extruded to virtually any bespoke system which would otherwise be achievable with other materials, both in the ability to provide intricate shapes, and maintain it’s structural strength in systems that might require walkways etc.

Natural Cooling / Ventilation
Nowadays, airtight construction and good insulation are two key concepts that are becoming increasingly important in the construction industry, reducing unwanted energy losses as much as possible. However, this also means that the demand for heat decreases, while the need to cool a building increases. During the warmer (summer) months, the indoor temperature can soar. Not only due to excessive direct solar gains, but also through internal heat gains (lighting, electrical and thermal equipment or simply the presence of a large number of people in one room.) Summer comfort is therefore increasingly being included in a building’s design requirements.

Daylight Systems
Our rooflights have been designed to increase the energy saving benefits of natural light by maximising the glazing area to deliver significantly more daylight whilst achieving optimum thermal performance, for light, bright, energy efficient buildings.

Industrial Ventilation
Crossflow with the years of experience that lies behind the organization, can provide the design, supply and installation of systems that will provide solution for a wide range of Hazardous and non hazardous applications Hazardous fume extraction (at source) solutions Hazardous Dust and filtration (at source) solutions ATEX approved fixed filtration and extraction system.



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