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Buttimer Engineering
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Buttimer Engineering (www.buttimer.com) is a diversified mechanical engineering company, specialising in bulk materials handling systems and high-quality steel fabrication.

We operate across a range of industries, providing design, fabrication, procurement, installation, maintenance, project management and engineering services. From our headquarters in Tipperary, Ireland, Buttimer Engineering serves clients in Ireland, the UK and Poland and beyond. The company is increasingly offering design and engineering expertise to projects internationally, and launched DOCKSOLID, its own bulk port equipment brand, in 2014, to find out more go to www.docksolid.com


The team of experienced engineers has worked with clients on projects ranging from one-off, problem solving consulting to full turnkey projects developed from conceptual design to operation.


Co-ordinated by the Project Delivery team, the fabrication team operate our 3,000 square meter facility – on-site at our headquarters in Cahir, Co. Tipperary, Ireland – as well as a number of other manufacturing, storage and external facilities. The workshop produces a varied range of steel items, which includes pedestrian bridges, pressure vessels, mixers, conveyors, road sign gantries, hoppers and much more. The Fabrication team, draws on the detailed capabilities of the Design team, combining a comprehensive knowledge of the end user’s process or project with a versatile and high-quality fabrication facility. In this way, our customers can be confident that Buttimer Engineering will design the right solution to manufacture to the appropriate ISO, BE or any other quality standard.


Our on-site teams can facilitate both short-term and long-term contracts, such as an emergency repair job or an extended operations and maintenance arrangement at a client’s facility.


Our Electrical and Automation Department is responsible for the concept, design, electrical panel prefabrication, commissioning, PLC programming and HMI/SCADA design. We also provide an electrical service and on-line PLC/HMI service for our Customers.


Our project delivery team manages all projects on behalf of our clients and aims to deliver high quality, cost effective projects in an agreed time-frame. From one-off fabrication to on-site maintenance, whether supplying standard equipment or developing bespoke solutions.


We endeavour to provide the right solution for you. We supply a wide range of equipment in areas such as, Mechanical Conveying, Sorting & Separating, Pneumatic Conveying, Fume & Vapour Extraction, Dust Control Solution.


  • Food & Beverage
  • Ports & Infrastructure
  • Process Industries
  • Biomass & Power Generation
  • Docksolid Ship Unloading Hoppers
  • Maintenance & Support


  • Project Delivery
  • Design
  • Fabrication
  • Specialist Labour
  • Equipment supply
  • Project delivery
  • Electrical & Automation