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Revolving Doors

If an entry is a mobility hotspot that signifies the gateway to the visitor’s destination, a building’s entrance is a small mobility hotspot in itself. The entrance is the first contact a visitor has with a building; it is the building’s calling card and should signal to the visitor that he is in the right place; that he has almost reached his destination. As for any other mobility hotspot, the entrance needs to fit the building’s criteria on three key areas: sustainability, security and service. However the entrance requires a fourth element: great design.

Speed Gates

A mobility hotspot is a domain that forms the gateway to a visitor’s destination; it is also the domain where the flow of visitors and employees is managed. This requires a system that allows some users to pass through directly but directs others in another direction, for instance towards a reception desk or another part of the building. Boon Edam speed gates allow for this to be achieved with minimal inconvenience to the users and without forming an obtrusive barrier in the entry.


Full Height Turnstiles


Mobility hotspots are not limited to the inside of a building. Managing the flow of visitors in outside areas of a mobility hotspot, can be achieved through Boon Edam Full Height Turnstiles. However our range also includes a number of options that are suitable for inside use and complement the surrounding building.


Security Doors & Portals

A mobility hotspot is a domain that forms the gateway to a visitor’s destination, it is also the domain where different flows of users are separated; employees are separated from visitors, general personnel from staff in the most sensitive areas of the building. High Security Doors and Portals can determine the identity of a user and determine whether they are alone in order to ensure that the most sensitive areas of your building remain closed to non-authorized persons.

 Tripod Turnstiles

A mobility hotspot is a domain that forms the gateway to a visitor’s destination; it is also the domain where the flow of visitors and employees is managed. Tripod Turnstiles offer a reliable and efficient method to ensure only authorized users are allowed access to each area of a building. 

Access Gates

One of the main characteristics of mobility hotspots is that they cater to a wide variety of visitors: regular visitors, one time visitors, visitors in wheelchairs, visitors with large baggage and many more. Most entry solutions that are aimed at managing the flow of people through a building allow only pedestrian access. Access gates can be used in conjunction with for example speed gates or tripod turnstiles to provide comfortable and secure access to wheelchairs, large luggage or  trollies.

Retrofits & Upgrades

Buildings are designed to last a life time; so are our entry solutions. However entry requirements change as the way we work and live changes, as rules and regulations are updated and as technologies evolve. As the entry is a mobility hotspot, the gateway to a user’s destination, it is vital that it remains suitable for these changing requirements. Boon Edam offers a range of services that ensures the entry evolves and remains up to date. Our retrofit packages update the technology of your entry to the latest sustainability and security standards or safety regulations.


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