BBi Ireland

Commercial Insurance Brokers and Risk Managers

Understanding risk can be the essence of survival. Risks can either be ignored, eliminated, managed or transferred (insurance). BBi Ireland as part of the BBi Group get involved in all aspects of risk control to make sure their clients are aware of the importance of understanding the risks they face and the implications of ignoring these risks. If it is possible to eliminate risk we can also assist.

Risk Management

Commercial insurance and the transfer of risk is just part of the control process. If insurance leads to complacency this can in fact, increase commercial risk considerably.

We aim to act as our client's insurance department for companies where it is uneconomical to employ their own commercial insurance and risk control professionals. We also assist in-house insurance departments that require our specialist services.

Qualified Professionals

The BBi Group support professional qualifications and insist that their staff are properly qualified to carry out the tasks required of them at the highest level. We do not restrict our services to mere insurance placing and are able to match and exceed the facilities offered by some of the largest of broker organisations. We would welcome the opportunity to audit your commercial insurance arrangements.

BBi Ireland have offices in Cavan, providing insurance cover in the Republic of Ireland. We combine the experience of the Berns Brett Group, with the local presence and knowledge. As London is one of the main centres for the placement of insurance risks in the world, through the BBi Group’s established presence there we are uniquely positioned to obtain comprehensive packages at competitive premiums.