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Economical, versatile, and effective flat roofs

Bauder is a leading international manufacturer of building construction materials. We provide clients with waterproofing membranes and insulation to make buildings watertight and thermally efficient, photovoltaic installations for renewable energy generation, and green roofs to support the environment and create better living and working spaces for people. Customers choose us because of the way in which we do business, the way we treat every project individually and how we work alongside clients to deliver the best solution for a building.

Bauder LiquiTOP System cold applied flat roof waterproofing solves many common challenges faced by a surveyor in a refurbishment scenario with additional benefits for the client and contractor.

The new polyurethane (PU), moisture-triggered, cold applied liquid waterproofing from Bauder offers a long-lasting, fully bonded, guaranteed system that minimises disruption for the building occupants and provides a safer working environment for contractors. This Bauder LiquiTOP System offers a cost-effective and adaptable waterproofing solution, especially suitable for complex projects. The system The system can be configured for waterproofing with or without insulation in refurbishment projects. There are two LiquiTOP PU waterproofing colours available, Dark Grey and Mist Grey, each are interchangeable as embedment and finish coats and both colours are UV stable, resulting in a waterproofing membrane that is UV stable throughout. The system is reinforced with the 225g/m² LiquiTOP Glass Fibre Mat which easily contours to complex detailing and becomes mobile on application to the embedment coat so that the fibres interlock providing a stable membrane that delivers temporary waterproofing whilst curing. The application of the top coat, or optional third coat, interbonds to give a monolithic membrane that is free draining without laps.

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