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NewStar - Laundry Chute Systems

Laundry Chute System

New Star supplies, installs and services Central Vacuums, Heat Recovery Ventilation Systems and Laundry Chutes in both Ireland and the UK. Our experience and expertise in the industry means we can install our range of technologically-advanced systems into any property, old or new. We work with architects, builders, self-builders, renovators, construction companies, building service contractors and the general public.
Dirty laundry piles and smells are a thing of the past thanks to our Easyline Laundry Chute System.

The easiest way to get dirty laundry to your washing machine is through an Easyline system. Just toss your laundry into the nearest laundry chute door and it will make its way directly to your laundry basket next to your washing machine.

The Easyline Laundry Chute System is a well thought out, pluggable pipe system that is easy to install and maintenance free.

A Laundry Chute will put an end to:

  • Piles of dirty laundry lying about
  • Unpleasant dirty laundry smells
  • Bending over to pick up dirty laundry
  • Carrying heavy laundry to the washing machine

Easyline Laundry Chutes are safe and child-proof

  • We provide child safety laundry chute doors.
  • All doors have an adjustable spring to adjust the tension so that small children cannot open them.
  • We can also install locks on our laundry chute doors.

Easyline Laundry Chute Highlights 

  • Seamless laser welded stainless steel system, DIN 1.4301 quality, glass bed blasted or high gloss polished.
  • Integrated child safety feature
  • Made in Germany
  • Pipe connections with tension locks to prevent twisting, turning and sliding.
  • Airproof system to prevent heat loss
  • No sharp edges for laundry to get caught on
  • Lockable laundry chute doors with an airtight system to prevent sound propagation
  • RAL 9003 powder-coated or stainless steel brushed finish
  • No static charge as by a plastic pipe system
  • Easy Installation

The Easyline Laundry Chute System has the following classifications:

  • Fire Protection Classification: A
  • Fire resistance grading as standard: T30
  • Modern production facilities in Germany, selected materials and examined quality are the basis for the 5 year-guarantee.

New Star is one of the leading distributors of the Easyline Laundry Chute System in both Ireland and the UK.

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