Condair plc

Condair plc

Condair is the world's leading manufacturer of commercial and industrial humidification and evaporative cooling products and systems. We set the standard with regards to energy efficient, hygienic solutions that incorporate innovative features to deliver high performance and minimise maintenance.

The Condair Group is represented in Ireland by Condair plc. The company offers humidifier system advice, design, manufacture, supply, installation, commissioning, maintenance and spares support. Condair plc is the new name for JS Humidifiers, following the company becoming a member of the Condair Group in 2011 and rebranding to Condair plc in October 2014.


  • Steam / isothermal humidifiers
  • In-duct adiabatic humidifiers
  • Direct-rooom Spray humidifiers
  • Evaporative humidifiers
  • Hybrid humidifiers
  • Mobile humidifiers
  • In-duct Steam distribution